Style Measure

We are creating a platform for fashion lovers.  Our premise is simple...

For example, you are looking for the perfect White T-shirt for $20,  where should you get it from?  Where has the best fit for your body shape, who uses the best material that suits you?

Our platform will combine what is available online with an interactive blog and community for fashion lovers everywhere.  Get unbiased views on where you can get the best clothes for you.

Launching Soon

Our Story

A simple one...spent time in the UK working with various fashion brands and I still couldn't confidently just buy clothes online without checking them out in store first as I wanted to know what material was used, would it look good on (and not how does it look on the perfect sized model that the clothes were made for).  After endless returns I started to think how I could change this

So I decided to embark on this journey to create a site where I could have confidence in would I was buying online..

Meet the Team

Natasha Rayden | Founder & CEO
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Fashion Student, Lawyer, Founder and CEO